Monday, February 16, 2009

what I miss about Tucson

It's been almost eight years now since I pulled up stakes in Tucson, Arizona and moved to California. I left my home town of over twenty years to move out here alone, leaving behind friends and family. Recent health issues have had me thinking about Tucson lately, and I've come up with a list of the things I miss most about my home town. Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Zack's Pizza on sixth street just south of the university. I've never had any other pizza that could fill me up with just two slices. The cheese is as thick as the crust, and it was a pretty thick crust.

2. Eegee's grinders. Eegee's is a small fast-food chain that specializes in sub sandwiches. Their Italian grinder is amazingly good.

3. Whataburgers. The Whataburger is by far the best fast-food hamburger there is.

4. Chimichangas. It's hard to find a chimichanga in California. In Arizona, you can't find a Mexican restaurant without them. I think it's a licensing requirement or something. According to Wikipedia, chimis were actually invented in Tucson (or in Pima county which contains Tucson). One horrifying mistake in that article must be corrected though. I have never had a chimi with rice in it. If such monstrosities exist, they are certainly the product of ignorant Californians, the only race so lacking in taste as to put rice in a burrito.

5. Steak. Sure, you can go to an expensive restaurant in California and get a great rib-eye steak for thirty or forty dollars, but in Tucson you could get the same steak for $12.95 at Cody's Beef 'n Beans or one of many similar small steak houses. They just don't have that in California.

6. Barbecue. In Tucson, there are great barbeque restaurants all over the city. In the San Francisco Bay area I have to drive 25 minutes to reach a good one.

Well, that's what I've been thinking of since the doctor told me I have to lose some weight. Of course I also miss my friends and family and yada yada.

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