Sunday, April 12, 2009

low-carb root beer float

I still don't have internet access at home, which is at least part of the reason my blogging has been so slow. However, I did just invent a great new refreshing beverage and I wanted to record the recipe before I forget it.

Have you had A&W diet root beer? It's surprisingly good, especially since canned root beer used to taste awful. I used to love the root beer straight from the tap that you could get and A&W stands or copy-cat restaurants, but when I tried the canned stuff, it was undrinkable. I don't know how long it's been since canned root beer became good because I've been avoiding it for twenty or thirty years, but they seem to have found the magic formula now.

Well..., except that A&W diet root beer is a little too sweet. That's no problem for deserts, though: when a desert is too sweet, I have it with milk (or unsweetened coffee). So, I decided to try mixing the diet root beer with milk (unsweetened coffee didn't sound promising). The result was not too bad. But the next time I had a diet root beer, I was out of milk, so I tried it with half n half. About 25% half n half to 75% A&W diet root beer makes something that tastes just like I remember Dairy Queen root-beer floats tasting like, right after you had eaten most of the ice cream and were sucking out the last of the root beer with a straw. It's tremendous. And it's low-carb.

I've got a recipe for how to make this wonderful 25% half n half/75% A&W diet root beer drink, but I've spent so much time reminiscing that now I don't have time to write it out. Maybe in my next blog entry.

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