Sunday, April 26, 2009

thank you John McCain

Well, the Democrats have threatened to use a special procedure to prevent the Republicans from filibustering their socialized medicine bill (link from Monday Evening). All I can say is how grateful I am to John McCain for stopping the Republicans from doing something similar to get judicial nominees past. If not for McCain's strong ethical position on the Senate rules, the Democrats would be, well, I guess doing exactly what they are doing.

Look, no one --and I mean no one, including John McCain-- ever believed for a minute that the Democrats would be honorable enough to give up a tactical advantage to repay the Republicans for the same. McCain's real goal was to look bipartisan so that he could get Democrats to vote for him in the presidential election. If he had been going against Hillary, it might have even worked. But, as much damage as Obama is going to do the country, I'm glad McCain lost the election. I think it would have done a lot more damage to the country if John McCain had given another instance (after George W Bush) that the way for a Republican to be president is to act as much like a Democrat as possible. At least now, we have a chance --a chance-- to recover a major party acting in opposition to the creeping socialism that the Democrats have been pushing on us for decades.

UPDATE: In fairness, I'll link to this essay defending McCain's Gang of 14. It would be more plausible if McCain didn't have a long history of sucking up to the Democrat-controlled press and if McCain hadn't claimed from the beginning to have a principled objection to the procedure, thereby giving his very substantial credibility to the position and giving cover to the other senators who claimed such an objection. If it was in doubt as to whether the motion could pass, McCain was at least partly the reason why it was in doubt.

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