Thursday, April 23, 2009

web-site design

I just ran into yet another company who doesn't want my business if I don't want to let them run Javascript in my browser. I am frankly baffled by companies like this. What advantage do they get from Javascript that makes it worthwhile to aggravate some of their customers and even turn potential customers away? Do they really think the cool rotating buttons or scrolling text or sliding gui elements will so impress the majority of their customers, that the increased business from customers going "Wow, what a slick web site, I want to do business with these guys." is more significant than the business they lose from customers who say, "Well, I could turn on Javascript and trust that you don't do something annoying with it, but I think I'll just press the back button and go to the next company in the search window."

Well, maybe they're right. I don't have the statistic on that, and I guess it would be a mistake to assume that my reaction (number 2) is the common one. On the other hand, I strongly suspect that the people who do this don't have any statistics either and that they've never even considered the possibility that there are potential customers who aren't thrilled about turning over control of their browser to random web sites.

I'd like to find a search engine that lets you filter out all sites that use Javascript, Flash, or other annoyances.

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