Tuesday, June 16, 2009

they got the bastards

yeah! The FCC has finally tracked down the assholes responsible for those "your auto warranty is about to expire" phone calls. I must have gotten thirty of those calls, and ATT was absolutely uninterested in helping me block them or even find out who it was.

Everyone involved is claiming innocence, but they were actually using software to spoof the caller-ID system. That action proves that they knew there could be negative consequences of their actions if they were identified. And it's not enough to go after the owners. The FCC needs to punish all of the operators also. Everyone of them must have been told thousands of times that what they were doing is against the law and they kept doing it.

Next question: why did it take the FCC so long to do anything?

I wonder if I can sue them myself...

citations: instapundit and slashdot

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