Sunday, July 26, 2009

file formats for ebook readers

I should have tried to download some pay content before reviewing the Sony PRS505 ebook reader. After spending about half an hour trying to buy John C. Wrights "Golden Age" trilogy, I am a lot less happy with the Sony. First of all, the Sony ebook site sells the second and third books in the trilogy, but not the first. I found several sites that sell either the whole trilogy or a collection that contains the whole trilogy, but none of them were in a format that is supported by the Sony PRS-505.

Back when I first talked about ebook readers, I mentioned that the PRS-505 had the most limited selection of formats. I was concerned about that, but lacking any experience in ebooks I was not sure how big a deal it would be. I'm now starting to think that it's a pretty big deal and I'm thinking about returning the Sony.

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