Monday, November 23, 2009

a sex scandal that the press won't cover

Whenever you accuse the press of being biased, they and their defenders like to claim that they just follow the stories that the public is interested in. But they also claim that stories involving sex are always popular, so why aren't they covering this one?

The American Spectator reports that Kevin Johnson was accused of sexual misconduct with at least three underage high-school girls who were effectively working for him when he was running the local chapter of Americorps. This was part of what Inspector General Walpin was investigating when Obama fired him illegally (the firing was illegal according to a law that Obama himself had sponsored). Kevin Johnson is a friend and supporter of Obama, and the man who let Johnson off the hook (with nothing but partial restitution) both for this crime and for stealing government money is a big Democrat supporter also. There's lots more; read the article.

As Instapundit says, "WHEN THE PRESS CAN IGNORE A SEX SCANDAL, you know it’s covering for politicians, not covering them."

I have a tactic to suggest for Republicans to use in the next election: concentrate on all of the shady stuff that has gone on at in the Obama administration, at ACORN, at Eric Holder's Justice Department, at the polls in swing states and elsewhere. Always ask why the press isn't covering these scandals like they cover allegations of Republican corruption. Point out that the press is 90% Democrat and that they can't be trusted to watch Democrat politicians. But they watch Republicans like a hawk, so if you want clean government, you should vote for the party that the press will watch: the Republicans.

The press is supposed to be the social institution that protects us against corruption in government. That is in large part why the press has special protections in the very Constitution. But the press has become so monolithically attached to a single party that they can no longer fulfill that function when Democrats are in power. That is why people who care about honest government must vote Republican. Not because Republicans are inherently more honest than Democrats, but because our civil watchdogs will only watch Republicans.

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