Saturday, February 28, 2009

answers to song quiz

I've put the answers in a comment. Actually, Marcel got all of them right, so I'm just adding the artists to his comment.

Friday, February 27, 2009

C. W. McCall -- poet for the ages

C. W. McCall was best known for his hit song Convoy which introduce America to the wondrous --if short-lived-- world of CB radio songs. Has ever man put pen to paper and created such sublime imagery?
Uh, breaker Pig-Pen, this here's The Duck
Uh, you wanna back off them hogs
10-4, 'bout five mile or so, 10-roger
Them hogs is gittin' in-tense up here
But there is so much more to C. W. McCall. There's Black Bear Road
Me an' R.J. an' the kids was on a camp out in the mountains, an' we had us one a' them U-Drive-'Em Army Jeep cars which we had rented from a fella by the name a' Kuboske for thirty bucks a day, buy yer gas along the way, take a rabbit's foot, an' leave a pint a' blood for a deeposit
There's Crispy Critters
An' he sez "Sagitarius, we has arrived
Prepare to disembark man
Get the incense goin' an' the sitar out
We gonna camp in the city park man"
I sez "Boys, le'me 'splain the sit-u-ation to ya
A, you gettin' me down
An' B, we got us a leash law here
An' C, you in the wrong town
You drop one string a beads in that there park
An' you gonna see a whole lotta stars
You got fifteen seconds to git outta town boys
Or we gonna blow ya to Mars
There was Nishnabotna
One time time when I 'as growin' up, it 'as when I 'as a kid
There 'as nothin' to do at home so I called up on a friend
An' said let's pack us a box lunch, an' go down to the Nishnabotna
An' go swimmin', an' maybe look fer some toads
My friend said he thought that 'as a good idea
Cause he didn't have nothin' to do either, an' he 'as outta toads
And those are just some of the funny songs. He also had some serious ones, sort of in the John Denver category. Unfortunately there's not much on Youtube except for about a hundred Convoy's. Here's There Won't be no Country Music.