Sunday, May 30, 2010

they don't really care about women's rights

Liberals don't really care about women's rights. This fact became blatant during the Clinton impeachment when the same people who had been preaching in the most intolerant terms about how men in authority should not even flirt with women that they have authority over defended a man for doing just that.

But that was always just political theater, right? Sure, sexual politics is subject to political considerations, but there are some hard and fast rules about serious things like violence against women, right? They have these marches against rape and want harsh prison sentences against wife abusers and those things, so they really care about violence against women, right? Except that when a black man, O. J. Simpson brutally murdered his wife, the Democrat establishment rushed to defend him. Oops. It looks like in the liberal pecking order, being black and politically connected trumps being a murdered woman.

But that was a special, personal case, right? Sure, in particular cases, they may make political decisions that overrule their more general views, but one thing that they absolutely stand for is that society in general must show respect to women and give them equal treatment, right? Well, not so much. Liberals and even, amazingly, dedicated feminists have absolutely refused to criticize Islam or Islamic countries for the brutal political suppression of women that they endorse and practice.

Not only do they not criticize Islam for this, they actively defend it against critics. Here is a post about the latest disgusting example (link from Instapundit). I've always been a big fan of Hirsi Ali. It is absolutely disgraceful the way that liberals --and especially so-called feminists-- have treated this courageous woman as she struggles for freedom for the women who are so brutally enslaved by Islam.

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