Wednesday, July 21, 2010

another sacrificial lamb for Obama's sins

Shirley Sherrod was fired from the USDA after Andrew Brietbart posted a video of her apparently bragging about not helping a white farmer who came to her non-profit organization for help (Mrs. Sherrod is black). Now the NAACP has posted the full video of the speech and it turns out to be a rather touching story of a black woman whose father was murdered by white racists, and who had to struggle with her own racism.

Stephen Spruiell at the NRO says that she should not have been fired. So do Glenn Beck, Charles Krauthammer, and apparently the redoubtable Allahpundit himself.

But not the White House. No, the Obama administration doesn't seem to want to dig the poor woman out from under the bus that they threw her under. This is not so hard to understand. To Obama, people don't have intrinsic value in and of themselves, but only in what value they serve to him and his goals. Shirley Sherrod isn't a person to Obama but just a symbol --a symbol to use against the critics that worry about the black racism in his Justice Department. Now Obama can hold up poor Mrs. Sherrod as proof that his administration doesn't tolerate discrimination.

Obama could have fired an actual anti-white racist at Justice, but those anti-white racists at Justice are serving Obama's goals. Instead he sacrifices someone who is not really important to his administration, someone who is not important to his goals.

I'm sorry, Shirley. Know that your fatal mistake was not in being a racist, but in being unimportant to Obama and being available at a time when he needed another lamb. No one gets fired the first day that a potential scandal breaks, not without any investigation at all, not when the victim denies all wrong-doing, not when it will only take a day or so to check the facts, not unless they were looking for some way to send a signal and you are just too good an opportunity to pass up.

Obama doesn't want you to be innocent, Shirley. Obama wants you to suck it up like a good little liberal soldier and ride off into the sunset. Frankly, if you don't have any integrity, that is exactly what you should do. In a few months you will get offered a crazy-good book deal by a New York book publisher (a Democrat), or you will get hired by some university for some secure and high-paying position (by a Democrat), or some Democrat lawyer will offer you a cushy job at an expensive law office. The Democrat machine has lots of ways to reward their patrons. No loyal Democrat ever suffers much career trouble even for serious ethical lapses, so you haven't much to worry about.

On the other hand, if you fight for your integrity and your rights, you can expect the teabagger treatment from the entire Democrat/media/entertainment establishment (you know the treatment I'm talking about because you participated in it during that video. You know ... when you made vague and unsubstantiated accusations about really mean things that the Tea Party has done that Democrats never did during the Bush years. Stuff like that where people accuse you of things without evidence). Most people in your position wouldn't have to think hard about which way to go here. Still, I have hopes that you will show the same honor and integrity here that you displayed in that story you told in the video --and much more integrity than you displayed in your political comments in the same video.

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