Saturday, August 28, 2010

the endless struggle against spam

I was in an unusually curmudgeonly mood today (OK, may not so unusually). The Sony Reader bookstore is concerned that I haven't been spending enough money there, so they sent me spam even though I specifically set my account to not receive any promotional email. I went to the trouble of tracking down a way to email Sony (like many modern companies, they make this difficult because they don't want to actually have to deal with their customers) and sent the following email:
I recently received a spam email from Sony with the following false statement: "You are receiving this email because you have subscribed to receive promotional information from Reader Store."

No, I did not subscribe to receive spam from Reader Store. Some asshole in marketing decided that they _really_ needed to send out emails to people who haven't been buying books, so they decided to just pretend that they had permission to do so.

You may consider this as my notice that I do not do business with spammers, so even thought I've been planning to buy some more of John C. Wright's books from the Reader Store, I'm going to buy a book reader from a competitor instead.
The note about buying a new book is true. I've been planning to read "The Golden Age" books, but now I'm not going to be reading them on my Sony.

Anyone want a used ebook reader?


Anonymous said...

Used, hell, I'll take it!
Mine dies and I replaced it with a Nook -- HUGE mistake.

Doc Rampage said...

Oh, oh. I was thinking about getting a Nook. What's wrong with it?

Anonymous said...

I had a Sony Touch -- Nook is much less user-friendly.
Ex: you have to go thru about five steps on the little touch menu at the bottom just to get to the kludgy "highlight" process vs. Sony which lets you use finger or stylus directly on screen.

Nook: no way to highlight a word & look it up -- no dictionary.

Just hold on. Prices are falling, new readers are coming out.