Sunday, January 31, 2010

Martin Cambell predicted Scott Brown Victory

Martin Campbell's new film, "Edge of Darkness" has a startling character: a Republican Senator from Massachusetts. The film was released on Jan. 29, only ten days after Scott Brown was elected. When the film was made, there hadn't been a Republican elected Senator in Massachusetts in 40 years. Two of the five or six most famous senators in the country were the two Democrats from Massachusetts. Any politically aware person could have told you the name and party of both Massachusetts senators. When the film was being made, any politically aware person would have laughed at the idea that there would be a Republican Senator in Massachusetts.


Yet despite all of this, Campbell was courageous enough to make the evil, conspiring, murdering senator from Massachusetts a Republican instead of making him a Democrat like everyone would expect. For Campbell's prediction to be completed, all we need next is for Scott Brown to be killed for his part in a plot to set off a nuclear weapon somewhere and blame Islamic terrorists. Which, as anyone in Hollywood can tell you is a lot more likely than Islamic terrorists actually being guilty. No, really, I've seen several movies involving plots to do mass murder with a nuclear weapon, and the vast majority of them make the CIA or Republican corporate bigwigs the bad guys. Yeppers, if a nuclear device goes off somewhere and all the evidence points to Islamic terrorists, then it's a lot more likely that it was the CIA and their Republican corporate pals who did it than that Islamic terrorists would actually do something that mean.

But if the Islamic terrorists did to it, then it's still the fault of the Republicans for being so racist.

According to Martin Campbell and his Hollywood pals, I mean.