Saturday, April 24, 2010

false advertising

I may write a more complete review later, but just a note to tell you that the movie "Kick Ass" had the most deceptive advertising campaign that I've ever seen for a movie. "Kick Ass" is not a family comedy. This is not "Mystery Men" with teen heroes. It has more in common with "Sin City" than with "Sky High".

This most definitely is not a movie that you want to take your kids to --at least see it yourself first. It is a violent, bloody movie with lots of gore and a body count in the dozens. Just for example, a woman is graphically murdered by the "good guy" as she tries to run away and an eleven-year-old girl has the crap beat out of her by a six-foot man. And then there is the five painful minutes where they dwell, entirely too graphically, on the masturbation habits of a teenage boy.

I'd like to see parents who take their kids to this movie bring a class-action suit against the studio for false advertising. Although they would have to admit they were dumb not to notice the R rating, I guess.