Saturday, May 15, 2010

census bulldogs

I ignored my first letter from the census. I also ignored my second letter from the census. Then I ignored the friendly note on my door that informed me that some census worker had been by and would I please call to schedule another stop. Then she stopped by last Saturday and I made the mistake of answering the door so I had to answer all of the dumb question.

I've never filled out a census form. For the last two censuses I was living on my own in Arizona and I don't recall even getting a form and if I did, no one ever stopped by to make sure it was filled out. I'm wondering if this special bulldog tenacity is something that the Obama administration is practicing everywhere or is it getting a slightly more tenacious effort in areas with a reliable Democrat vote.

The Democrats have been making this census a critical part of their strategic plans for a decade. Even someone like me who doesn't follow their plans that closely has seen many references to Democrat efforts to make sure that the counts in Democrat-controlled areas are high.

I didn't use to be this paranoid, but I've been paying attention to scandals since Bill Clinton, and here is the ugly truth: when a Republican gets caught doing something illegal or unethical, other Republicans call for him to resign. When a Democrat gets caught, other Democrats rush to his defense and do everything they can to keep him in power. The consequence is that dishonest people know that they are better off as Democrats than as Republicans and so corrupt and dishonest people tend to gravitate towards the Democratic party.