Saturday, October 30, 2010

I'm not a slut

Christine O'Donnell's next political ad: Same setting as the "I'm not a witch" ad. She says,
I'm not a slut. Does this seem familiar to you? Why do I keep having to defend myself against personal attacks based on things I did or said years ago and that have nothing to do with being a United States Senator?

Let's be honest. This latest personal attack is not even intended to effect this election. This is about humiliating a conservative woman in the most offensive way they can, in order to frighten other conservative women away from politics.

But there is another reason why they want to focus on the personal, and that is to distract away from my opponent's policies. If you are running a business, Chris Coons doesn't think you should have the right to hire who you think you need, pay what you think is fair, sell the things or provide the services that you think people demand. Chris Coons wants the federal government to control all of that. If you are a consumer, Chris Coons thinks the federal government should control what you can buy, who you can buy it from and what you can do with it. In the case of health insurance, he even wants the federal government to force you to buy a federally-approved policy whether you think you need it or not.

To distract you from Chris Coons's frightening authoritarian belief system, my opponents try to frighten you with stories about my personal moral beliefs. I do have conservative ideas about how people should behave, but I haven't been talking about that in this campaign for the very good reason that it has nothing to do with being a United States Senator. The federal government should have nothing to do with controlling your personal moral decisions.

This is the important difference between me and my opponent: I do not want to use the overwhelming power of federal government to force you to follow my beliefs, and Chris Coons does.

I want to go to Washington to cut back on the bloated federal government and get it out of your life. When you are living your own life or running your own local business, you should never once have to think about what those guys in Washington want you to do. It's not their life, it's not their business, it's yours. Chris Coons wants the federal government to control even more of your personal and business life --endless paperwork and endless regulations.

The difference is that I want to increase your personal freedom and Chris Coons wants to take your freedom away.

I'm Christine O'Donnell and I approve this message.

And I'm not a slut or a witch and I don't want to make masturbation a federal crime. I just want freedom.

If you want freedom too, please vote for me on Tuesday.

Some background, in case you don't get the references: Gawker, a on-line leftist "news" site, has posted a story about a one-night stand that Christine O'Donnell didn't have. She got close, though, and Gawker does their best to describe the event in the most humiliating way possible. I'm not linking the story and I encourage you to read about it from other sites rather than reading it yourself. Instapundit (who always has the best links) recommends Allahpundit and Katie Granju. Michelle Malkin discusses the slimy history of this site and the people who run it. Malkin also has a list of Gawker's major advertisers. Some of these companies might respond well to polite phone calls or emails, asking them if they really want to be associated with this kind of hate speech.

The idea for the ad and the "witch" references come from this campaign add by O'Donnell. Apparently O'Donnell made the mistake of telling someone that she had dabbled in witchcraft in high school and the left was trying to make that a campaign issue.