Sunday, March 06, 2011

don't go there

Just a friendly warning: if you like television but also value your time, do not under any circumstances follow this link. I just wasted an entire Saturday --I'm talking from about 11am to 5:30 with a break for lunch-- reading this site. Let my experience be a warning to you.

Especially do not go to this link to make sure that they correctly listed Wesley Crusher as a Scrappy, or look to see if Ben Linus is listed as a Magnificent Bastard because you will find yourself sucked into the endless links to variations on themes, characters, and plot devices. You have been warned.

You are welcome.


Donald said...

Heh. I could have warned you that TVTropes is one of the greatest timesinks in existence.

Donald said...

And having followed the link just to confirm what you were linking to, I wasted an hour and a half there.

Darn you, Doc! Darn you!

Doc Rampage said...

Then my purpose is about 1/5 accomplished. Since I can never get those six and a half hours back, I have resolved to cost six and a half wasted hours to others as a sort of revenge against the universe.