Thursday, March 17, 2011

old TV --Primeval

Primeval is a British TV series. The premise is that temporal anomalies start opening up at random in England and various prehistoric beasties come through and start eating people. The Government sensibly decides that that this information is far to important to let be spread around to the common people who might [gasp] start buying guns to protect themselves and their families from being a lunch-o-saurus for some random monster. Instead they hire a group of rebellious scientists and zookeepers to handle matters and keep it all under wraps. Apparently, only the Government can be trusted with handling this crisis but only people who despise the Government can be trusted to handle it for the government ... or something.

Politics aside, it is a tremendous idea for a series. The actors are good, the special effects are tolerable, the stories are engaging, and I really enjoyed the first three seasons in spite of the head-pounding stupidity of all of the smart characters. After Firefly and Avatar --the Last Airbender, this is my next most recommended series.

Just ignore the fact that the leader, Nick Cutter displays his genius by making wild-ass guesses, committing all efforts and resources to the the guess, and then getting lucky. All of the other characters view this as a sign of his genius; I viewed it as a sign that the team desperately needed to reassign him to a less responsible position before his lucky streak ran out.

Also, don't spend a lot of time wondering why this brilliant team, weeks after their job starts still don't carry basic equipment for capturing dangerous animals, items like capture poles, ropes, chains, nets, net guns, cages, traps, snares, and bait. They carry no life-support equipment for hostile atmospheres, no mosquito netting, no cold-weather gear. They carry no night-vision equipment. The temporal anomalies have electric and magnetic effects and the only instrument they bring with them for the entire first seasons is a magnetic compass. If they had been prepared, nothing much interesting would have happened.

There are other things you shouldn't ask yourself. Let your problem-solving faculties relax, and you will enjoy the series a lot more.


Donald said...

What bothered me is that no one, except for the faceless military, carried a gun. I mean, I don't expect them to carry all the time in London, but when you volunteer to go into the scary building to look for the monster that's killing people, and you don't think to bring a weapon that's clearly shown to be stashed with the rest of your equipment, you're just asking to be eaten.

It wasn't until they got the stun guns in Season 4 that they actually started carrying them on the hunt.

Doc Rampage said...

Yeah, I especially liked the episode where they start by sending in a team of six heavily armed and armored military guys who get their butts kicked by a horde of giant insects, barely making it out alive. When they report back, the two civilians say, "OK, thanks for the info". And then proceed down into the same area with no weapons, armor or any equipment other than a flashlight.

Bob said...

Just watched the first 3 seasons of Primeval myself. I thought it started out with so much promise, but just continually goes downhill. Have kind of lost interest, maybe I will get it finished eventually...

Jillian said...

I really enjoy the show. It's what I call, "popcorn TV"- Get a big bowl of popcorn, favorite beverage, prop up feet, disengage brain (absolutely essential!) and enjoy! :)

My biggest gripe is that they keep killing off their leading characters, in one case RE-killing off one, about as fast as you get to liking them. My second is that they could do a little less with the big government conspiracy thing and work around more with the beasties. I realize there has to be more, some plot weaving the whole together, but there has to be something better than that!