Saturday, March 19, 2011

on being dizzy

I spent the last 24 hours aboard a boat and now that I'm sitting in my living room, it feels like the couch is moving up and down on waves. On the boat the waves didn't bother me most of the time, but these non-waves are really annoying. It's like my inner ear is saying "Wow, there goes a wave." and my muscles are saying, "What, where? I didn't feel it!" The internal argument is making me feel a little light-headed.

I was on a 40' power boat. Spent yesterday afternoon and evening driving around, spent the night at Pier 39 in San Francisco and spent the morning driving around again. The water at the Pier-39 marina is extremely choppy. It didn't make me sea sick but the random rolling and the loud creaking kept waking me up and making it hard to get back to sleep.

This morning I did get a little sea sick --only the second time in my life. The water was rough and I was trying to take a written test while the boat was underway. I was also dressed too warm for the interior of the boat. The combination of three things brought me as close as I've ever come to hurling from motion sickness. After I finished the test, I took off some of my under layers and got up to watch out the forward port and it went away eventually.

Oh, and I ate two oatmeal cookies. In retrospect I can't really recommend oatmeal cookies for motion sickness. They sit a little heavy in the stomach.

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