Saturday, April 30, 2011

multiple forwards in Firefox 4

Ever since I upgraded to Firefox 4 I've been seeing this weird bug. I will follow a link to a site, read the site and then hit the back button, but the back button does nothing. So I look at my history and see that somehow the site I am on still has two to four entries in the history --meaning that I would have to hit the back button some three to five times get away from the page. And that is assuming that more history items don't get added each time I hit "back".

I'm not sure that this is a browser bug. It may be some trick used by the web sites to defraud their advertisers over how many hits they are getting, but I almost never saw it before I upgraded.

And I am running the noscript plugin which prevents the sites from running javascript, so if they are doing this deliberately, I don't know how.


Suburbanbanshee said...

I've seen this too, though I've never seen the history add stuff; you have to sort of click like a maniac a zillion times, or go back through the history to before you got there. Sometimes it's easier just to close that tab or window and start a new one on a "safe" page.

Marcel said...

I haven't been able to make this happen so far. Any sites in particular?

Doc Rampage said...

Here is a link that does it:

Foxfire, are you defrauding your advertisers?

Foxfier said...

I have advertisers?

I tried it in Chrome when Marcel mentioned it-- hasn't happened. Just tried in firefox, didn't work..... (I read the post, but didn't have anything to say so I didn't even know it involved my site!)

Windows 7, if that matters.

I do remember seeing something like that in Explorer, but only when there was an auto-forward involved-- then it "helped" by not showing the forwarding page, and just kept going there invisibly, and auto forwarding right back. It sometimes worked to double-click really fast.....