Thursday, August 11, 2011

the poor and the pseudo-poor

Foxfier does great rants when she really gets her dander up.

What is dander, anyway?

UPDATE: Eww. According to Wikipedia, "Dander is material shed from the body of various animals, similar to dandruff. It may contain scales of dried skin and hair, or feathers." Who would make up a disgusting saying like that? Maybe I heard it wrong and it's really something else.

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Foxfier said...

Thanks for the link, glad you liked it!

Seems that "dander" also meant the froth on top of fermenting beer-- so "got me frothing mad."

It's funny, I didn't even mention one of the triggers for that rant... local radio talking about how many children must be going hungry because of the number of kids that are on subsidized lunches coupled with a friend-of-a-friend mentioning on facebook how cool it was that she could take her kids to free lunches at the park and encouraging everyone local to do so...and that she'd be missing the next few, because they're going to their second home in Cali for a few weeks.... (She's a bit simple but very sweet; if someone asks her to show up with her two little kids because they need the numbers to justify the program, she'll do it, and recruit anyone she can find, and never think about it. Money just shows up, in her world.)