Monday, November 14, 2011

why I despise LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a career networking site that supposedly helps you find jobs. I guess it's because their business revolves so much around finding jobs, that they don't give a damn if they get people fired.

The site is filled with little traps that make it almost impossible to use it to look for a job without letting your current employer know that you are looking. Add a head hunter as a contact? Your current employer gets an email about it within the week. Ask someone for a recommendation? When you get the recommendation, it shows up on your profile and your boss gets an email about it. You can, if you know about it, hide recommendations that you receive, but the guy who sent you the recommendation can't hide it from his side. It shows up on his profile also, and if your boss is connected to him, your boss gets the email.

They don't tell you this stuff. And they keep adding things about you to the list of public information without telling you that they are doing so. You have to check your profile page regularly to see what they are telling the world --and especially business contacts and possible future employers-- about you.

Although LinkedIn is heavily used by employers in my area, I'm seriously thinking about deleting my account. Their despicable attitude towards user privacy makes Google look like a radical privacy advocate.

No. I'm not looking for a job. :) I just happened to look at my profile and noticed that it contains recommendations that I have given to other people even though I had no idea it was going to do this. In my world a "recommendation" is something private that is only seen by the person that you send it to. In LinkedIn, there is no such think as privacy.

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