Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pepsi, Kraft, and Nestle use cells scraped off of dead babies

Apparently Pepsi hired a company to do some sort of taste-testing for it using cells scraped off of dead babies. No, horrifyingly enough, I'm not making this up.

I've had my last Pepsi. And frankly, it doesn't matter to me if they change their minds. My own personal boycott will be over when the people who make this decision are fired without a golden parachute. That will never happen, of course, so I've had my last Diet Pepsi.

Other companies that have done this include Kraft and Nestle. As a junk-food junkie, I used to buy a lot of the products of all three of these companies. The other one, Solae, I've never heard of and probably won't remember to boycott.

Michael J. Fox famously promoted the idea that we should go ahead and use cells scraped off of dead babies for medical research because it might save people's lives and might offer cures for horrible diseases. This argument appealed to a lot of people who felt that possibly saving their own life was important enough to justify sacrificing the life of a helpless infant that had no friends or relatives to complain about it (since their own mother is the one who killed them).

I always thought the argument was horrifyingly selfish. I wonder if they really grasped what we are talking about here: medicine based on the body parts of murdered babies. A thing so utterly grotesque and macabre should be confined to stories of black magic and devil worship, not enshrined in the methodology of modern medicine.

As horrifying and selfish as that argument was, we now know that it wasn't even the truth. Cells scraped off of dead babies are to be used, not just for the most critical medical emergencies, to save lives and save people from debilitating conditions, but for whatever is convenient --even something as trivial as finding the optimum level of sugar to put in a soft drink.

UPDATE: I just remembered that PepsiCo is actually a big conglomerate so I went to the internet to find out what they own. To my great relief, they sold off Taco Bell so I don't have to boycott one of my favorite restaurants, but they do own Quaker Oats and Frito Lay --both companies that I used to buy a of food from. They also own Tropicana and Gatorade, which I use less, but will still be an inconvenience. Well, nuts, but civilized people just don't do business with the sort of people who use the body parts of dead babies to enhance their products. I'm just glad that I don't work for one of those companies or I would be in a serious moral quandary.

UPDATE II: Pepsi has told the company not to use body parts of murdered babies in the work that they do for Pepsi. That's some progress, but Pepsi is still doing business with them, so it doesn't really make much difference to me. (link from Monday Evening)