Sunday, February 05, 2012

I went to see a movie for Superbowl Sunday

The game is probably in the last minutes and I have no idea what the score is. I only know who's playing because someone mentioned it today. I used to go to Superbowl parties with friends, but since I moved to the San Francisco, none of my new friends watch sports and I find that I really don't care that much except as a social thing.

Skipping the Superbowl still seems a bit like skipping Christmas or Thanksgiving or New Years. Oh, wait... I skipped Thankgiving and New Years this year too. Hmm. I wonder if I'm getting too isolated. I only ended up celebrating Christmas because my mom made me.

I promised Mom I would go home for Christmas so I ran that TSA gauntlet twice. I used to like to fly, but now I avoid it like the plague. I wonder how much better off the airlines would be if the TSA weren't making the process of getting on a plane so miserable.

Where was I? Oh, yes: Superbowl commercials. I am sooo sick and tired of hearing about the new Superbowl commercials. It was mildly interesting for the first couple of years after some marketing genius discovered that they could sell Superbowl time at, like, a trillion dollars a minute, and then give the advertisers lots of extra publicity by getting people to talk about the commercial. It was slightly interesting to see what the companies would do to make their commercial worth talking about.

Now it's old. Really old. And when I see a blogger blogging about a Superbowl commercial all I think is "sucker". If they aren't paying you for that exposure, you are just being strung along. Either the commercial is interesting enough to talk about on its own or it isn't. If it is, then why bother to mention the Superbowl? And if it isn't, then don't waste people's time with it.

Now you may be thinking, "Gee, Doc, why don't you follow your own advice? There's nothing in this blog post that is interesting enough to waste people's time with." And normally you would be right, except that this post relates to the Superbowl so it's time-waste worthy.

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