Monday, March 12, 2012

worst movie tagline ever?

How about "feel the wrath" for the upcoming "Wrath of the Titans"?

Seriously? "Feel the wrath"? That's supposed to make me want to see the movie? Who wants to feel the wrath? Hey, if you want to feel the wrath, walk into a gay bar some time and yell, "Hey, there's a couple of fags kissing out in the parking lot! Who wants to go with me and beat them up?" Or if you feel like some really, really risky wrath feeling, go up to a woman suffering from PMS and say, "Man, those pants make you look really fat and bloated! That's why women of your years should wear skirts."

No one wants to feel the wrath. People want to avoid feeling the wrath. I can't help but wonder if the people involved in marketing this film have no idea what "wrath" means. Maybe they think it means something like "clash", since the first movie was called "clash of the titans". Not that it's a great tagline in that case either, but at least it's not quite so bone-head stupid.

What's going to top this one? Maybe a movie about Masada with the tagline "feel the hopeless desperation"? Or a movie about Job with the tagline, "feel the boils"? Maybe Braveheart should have used the tagline, "feel the disembowlment".

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