Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sarah Palin in a compromising position

My admiration for Sarah Palin has now taken a second big hit. The first was when she endorsed John McCain for his US Senate reelection bid. I was willing to let that one slide because McCain did bring her to the national stage. It was understandable that she felt some loyalty to him for that, even if the campaign staff that McCain hired ended up sabotaging her and even if McCain never came to her defense over it. Still, arguably a personal loyalty thing.

But now she has endorsed Orin Hatch. Orin Hatch is just another big-government Republican, a Senate leader during the big-spending Bush years who voted for TARP, one of the things that sparked the Tea Party in the first place. He has openly talked about how much he despises fiscal conservatives. The man running against Hatch in the Republican primary, Dan Liljenquist is a true conservative of the kind that Palin claims to support.

It's starting to look like Palin is willing to trade in her popularity with conservatives to gain popularity with Beltway Republicans. That is disappointing, because one of the things I liked most about Sarah Palin was that I thought her integrity was not for sale.


Sally in MI said...

You thought she didn't sell her integrity? Really? It is all she does do: sell out for cash. Welcome back to relaity.

Doc Rampage said...

I'll bet you can't name a single time where she sold out her integrity for cash.

Foxfier said...

My guess would be that she has Bush's weakness: if she likes someone, she supports them.

Doc Rampage said...

Could be. And there are worse things you could say about a person, but it's not something you want in someone who is promoting an ideology.