Saturday, August 11, 2012

"McCarthyism" should refer to an act of heroism

It never ceases to amaze me that people who have seen the Democrat character-assassination machine at work with their own eyes, still take Democrat-written history about people like Joe McCarthy and Richard Nixon seriously. Just because it was 50 years ago doesn't mean that Democrats are going to be honest about it.

Ann Coulter's latest column rightly takes George Will and Charles Krauthammer to task for this. Now, I know that Will and Krauthammer are doing, they are using the Left's own mythology to demonstrate the hypocrisy of the Left. But in doing so, they support that mythology, which serves to strengthen the Left.

Joe McCarthy was a heroic American who fought against Communist spies in the American government. He was fighting against the Democrat Party which controlled the government and the Democrat Press which controlled the news. It was Communist spies who gave Russia nuclear weapons, which led to the MAD decades, where Mutual Assured Destruction hung over the world, an ever-present terror and ever-pending calamity. Yet the Democrats continued to tolerate Communists at sensitive positions in government.

Letting the Democrats have their mythological history of Joe McCarthy is letting them off the hook for this early betrayal of America. And that betrayal is still relevant because the party is still betraying America by cozying up to America-haters abroad. Throughout the twentieth century, there has been a strong and powerful faction within the Democrat party who are against America, who want to weaken America so that other more "enlightened" nations can take more powerful roles on the world stage.

If conservatives could somehow get past the Democrat-controlled news and entertainment machine to let Americans know about this, it would be the end of the Democrat party as a political power. And that is why Republican should not give an inch on history.

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