Saturday, November 03, 2012

Barack Obama doesn't care about white people

Where is Kayne West when you need him? When it took nearly 48 hours for FEMA to arrive to help the flood victims in New Orleans, Kayne West was outraged about how the system was set up to help poor and black people as slowly as possible. He also said, "George Bush doesn't care about black people".

Now that Staten Island in New York --mostly populated by blue-collar whites-- is flooded by Hurricane Sandy, with over a dozen dead bodies on Staten Island alone, and FEMA has still not shown up 4 days later, where is Kayne West to point out that Barack Obama doesn't care about white people?

At least in New Orleans they weren't planning to hold a marathon in the city with all of the police and other resources it would require while hundreds of thousands of people were still without power or safe water and bodies were still being searched for.

This is going to prove yet another blatant example of the new media's double standard in reporting when there is a Republican vs. a Democrat in the White House.  But these examples are so numerous now that it's hardly interesting to find another one.


Marcel said...

If Romney wins we'll again have a "separation of press and state."

Doc Rampage said...

No kidding. If I didn't have strong policy preferences to make me prefer Republicans, just the fact that Democrat presidents have no opposition press to keep them honest would make me lean Republican.