Friday, November 09, 2012

do Republican leaders get blackmailed?

I hate to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but I have always suspected that there is a lot of political blackmail of Republicans by Democrats. I first started wondering about this back in the 80's when it turned out that one of the Republican senators from Arizona had been blackmailed by a gay group to support some sort of pro-gay legislation.

I wish I could remember the details better, but I don't even remember his name. What I recall is that the senator was gay and in the closet and (reasonably) feared that he would lose his seat if he was outed. He refused to give into the blackmail, outed himself, and won his next election. But I never heard about any legal penalties for the people who tried to blackmail him. I even wrote to his office to ask about it and got no reply. I always wondered ... how could someone try to blackmail a US Senator to legislate in a certain way and not be punished for it? Back then, I didn't understand how the laws are applied differently to Democrats vs. Republicans. I was naive.

As I recall, something similar has happened at least twice since with gay or philandering Republican members of Congress, and I don't recall anyone ever being charged, must less going to prison over it. With that background, why wouldn't the Democrats engage in blackmail whenever they can? Why wouldn't they use the results of their tens of millions spent on opposition research to blackmail people? What is the downside? If the Republican submits, they get a political advantage. If the Republican balks and goes public, nothing happens to them.

Is this why General Petraeus kept his mouth shut about Bengazi before the election? Was he blackmailed into keeping quiet, but then finally decided to out himself before giving Congressional testimony?

Is this why John Roberts made such a bizarre ruling on Obamacare, finding an incoherent excuse to rule that the Republicans were correct on the Constitutional issue but that Obamacare could stand anyway?

Is this one of the reasons why Republicans are so often betrayed by their elected representatives, who get elected on a conservative agenda and then go to Washington to act like Democrats?

What ever happened to the KGB infrastructure in the US when the Soviet Union fell? We know that they had many spies in place who, among other things, searched for blackmail material on American politicians and military leaders. We know that they compromised the Democratic Party and heavily influenced it. Don't forget that Watergate was inspired by the fact that Nixon knew from secret intelligence that the Democrats had been infiltrated by communist spies and he wanted to get evidence of this fact that he could use without compromising national security. (Unlike Obama, Nixon declined to reveal top-secret intelligence to advance his own political career).

When the Soviet Union fell, I don't remember any news reports about all those spies and blackmail experts going home. Instead of going home, did the spies just become paid political consultants and opposition researchers for the Democratic Party?

Of course, all of this speculation would be wild-eyed crazy if we didn't have so much open evidence of Democrat fraud and malfeasance. There are the poll watchers thrown out of polls in districts where massive voter fraud is almost certainly occurring every election. There is Obama's political decision to withdraw the conviction of Democrat allies for intimidating voters at a polling place. There is the suppression of military ballots. There is the way that the press covers up malfeasance on the part of Democrat politicians. The list goes on and on.

The more you know, the more you have to doubt the legitimacy of the US government.

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Probably. I'd guess family is a popular target.