Sunday, February 19, 2012

more on the bishops

I don't want to come across as anti-Catholic especially since some of my favorite bloggers are Catholics, so I think it's worthwhile to mention that my complaints here are specifically about the bishops and not about Catholics in general. Many Catholics are wonderful allies in the fight against the anti-Christian Leviathan state, but that shouldn't prevent us from criticizing their leadership when necessary.

My concern is that by letting the bishops lead a movement against Obamacare when they have only the most minimal imaginable disagreement with it and otherwise support it enthusiastically, the right is in danger of getting suckered and making it look like there was a compromise when there wasn’t.

Conservatives and libertarians need to make it emphatically clear that the bishops’s concerns with Obamacare are not the full set of concerns and make sure that everyone knows that the bishops actually support most of the parts of Obamacare which the right finds odious, so although we support them in this intramural squabble, they do not speak for us and can’t make deals for us.

I see that Ann Coulter is leading the way on this. Good for her. Conservatives need to forcefully articulate that this is not about birth control. That may be what the bishops are worried about, but those of us who are supporting them are doing so because we care about freedom, not just religious freedom, and certainly not just freedom from paying for birth control.

Unfortunately, some on the right seem to have been suckered on this and have fallen into the trap of making this a social-conservative issue, as noted by Michael D. Tanner (link from Instapundit). It's not even a good social conservative issue since the majority of social conservatives probably don't have an issue with contraception.

Don't let them sucker you into a losing position again, Republicans.