Monday, April 07, 2014

Firefox substitute browser

So I'm posting this from the Waterfox web browser. No, that's not an obscure joke. I'm really using a web browser named Waterfox. It is based on Firefox but is compiled for 64-bit platforms so it should be faster.

I said I was moving to Chrome. I thought I was familiar with Chrome because I use it quite a bit. But what I hadn't taken into account is that I use it almost exclusively for Google sites like Google Drive. It turns out that for general sites I couldn't take all of the
non-stop motion that you get with any browser that won't let you selectively disable media and javascript like you can with Firefox extensions. So I found another browser based on Firefox that would let me use my Firefox extensions like Noscript and PasswordMaker.

I've been using Waterfox for all of about 20 minutes and already discovered a layout bug. Sigh. I hope that is not the way that things are going to go because other than that, it is working out nicely. It installed and immediately snarfed up all of my Mozilla settings, and it seems very responsive. Here's keeping my fingers crossed.

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