Tuesday, May 03, 2016

my predictions

1. Trump will win the election because Hillary is such a soft target and Trump is willing to go after her (unlike other Cruz fans, I always thought Trump would do better against Hillary).

2. By the time Trump wins the election, about a third of the people who nominated him will realize that they've been suckered because his positions will have changed so much. But most of his fans will ignore the fact that he has turned against most of the stuff that they liked him for.

3. There will be no wall and Trump will make no serious effort to build one.

4. There will be no major deportation, and Trump will make no effort to make one happen.

5. As president, Trump will support amnesty for illegal aliens (as he has done before) and Cruz will be the one who stops it (as he has done before).

6. Trump the politician will turn out to be as corrupt as the Clintons, using his power and influence to enrich himself.


Marcel said...

I predict Trump does better than expected among African-American and Latino voters.

Doc Rampage said...

I think you are probably right. He's a personality, not a representative of a set of ideals. As such, the usual Democrat techniques to frighten minorities about Republicans won't work as well.

Foxfier said...

From your lips..... (Basically, all the things I'm pretty sure will happen, twisted so they're not a death blow.)

Doc Rampage said...

Hi, Foxfier! It's been years. Good to hear from you again.

Foxfier said...

Good to see you, too. Been mostly over at https://accordingtohoyt.com/ .