Tuesday, February 02, 2016

to those disappointed by Donald Trump's loss in Iowa

It's funny how Donald Trump fans think it's awesome when Donald Trump is rude to others, but think it's out of bounds when someone is rude to them. Well,  this is how much sympathy you get when you cheer on a whiny little bitch like Donald Trump. Seriously, the man's even worse at dealing with disappointment than Obama is. Obama whines about it, but then he gets over it. By contrast, Donald Trump is still whining about a tough question he got in the very first debate. Megan Kelly's question to Trump was not even close to being the most unfair question asked that night, but you didn't see all he other candidates whining about it for months afterward.

Even more funny is when people say Trump is an alpha male. Because when a woman does something he doesn't like an alpha male starts acting like a bitchy woman, whining about her every chance he gets.