Wednesday, April 27, 2016

the best possible outcome

I'm at the point where I think the best possible outcome for the Republican nomination is for Donald Trump to win. I really don't think any other Republican has a chance to win the election at this point. If Trump were to get a plurality of the votes but lose the nomination due to obscure rules, a lot of his fans would feel cheated and would refuse to vote for the Republican nominee, even if Trump didn't run as an independent.

Trump will most likely be an awful president, but not nearly as bad as Hillary is likely to be. He may or may not do something about immigration (I trust Cruz on that issue more than Trump) but it is practically certain that he will continue to borrow money at an unsustainable rate, engage in voodoo economic policies, encourage crony capitalism, and continue to drown American businesses in regulations and mandates. Meanwhile, he will do nothing to defend religious freedom against SJW violence-by-law, and we have no idea who he will nominate to the Supreme Court.

But, and I can't stress this enough, Hillary will be as bad as or worse than Trump in every single category.

And regardless of what the polls say, Trump has a great chance to beat Hillary. Hillary would be electable if the American people knew half of the stuff she has done, and the media continue to protect her. Donald Trump has the best chance of getting through the media blackout on Hillary. They cover him no matter what he says.