Sunday, November 20, 2016

how alt-right-wingers are different from conservatives

The victory of Donald Trump is a victory for the Left. Left-wing attacks on Conservatives have finally torn down that movement to such an extent that the Alt-Right was able to take over the Republican party and nominate someone as anti-conservative as Donald Trump.

A lot of people on the Left still don't understand what they have done, so here is a brief description of how the Alt-Right differs from Conservatives.

The Golden Rule
Conservatives believe very strongly in doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. When SJWs bully Christians and drive them out of business or get them fired for unpopular opinions, or throw them in jail for refusing to follow unconstitutional court orders, Conservatives do not retaliate in kind because they don't like it when it is done to them so they don't do it to others.

The Alt-Right believes in the Steel Rule: Do unto other what they have done unto you and do it harder. They view the other side, not as individuals, but as an enemy organization. They not only use the tactics of the other side indiscriminately, but they escalate hostilities, working to make it worse for the other side than it is for their side. The Alt-Right, like the Left, acts like there is no morality in politics, there is only winning and losing.

The Rule of Law
Conservatives believe in fairness and equality as enforced by written laws and impartial enforcement of those laws. Conservatives believe that they have a positive duty to follow the written laws even if they don't agree with them, and they expect the other side to obey the laws even if they don't agree with them.

The Left has never followed this principle. They have always done whatever they could get away with: political intimidation, riots, violent attacks on conservatives, using the courts to rewrite the constitution when they can't get amendments passed constitutionally, refusing to enforce laws that go against their interests, and many other things.

The Alt-Right is like the Left in this respect. They have not yet engaged in the violent political intimidation that the Left engages in, but that sort of thing requires a bit more support from government and the news media than the Alt-Right can muster right now. If you read their sites, you will see that they are perfectly willing, even eager to engage in these tactics as soon as they can. Expect to see Leftist mob tactics deployed against the Left in the near future.

Expect the Alt-Right to defend Alt-Right-wingers who get caught breaking the law in the name of politics. Expect Donald Trump to simply refuse to enforce laws that he doesn't like. Welcome to the world that Conservatives have been living in for fifty years.

Individual Justice
Conservatives have a sense of basic fairness and justice based on individuals. This is in sharp contrast to the social justice that the Left promotes. A Leftist promotes affirmative action because to them, if a group was discriminated against, you have to rectify that group discrimination.

What a Conservative sees is not the effect on the group but the effect on the individual. When a woman is hired as an affirmative-action hire over a man who would have gotten the job in an unbiased system, the social-justice leftists sees class justice being done for alleged discrimination against women in the past, but a Conservative sees individual injustice being done--a man who has never discriminated against women is being punished for what some other men did in another time, and a woman who has never faced discrimination is being compensated for injustices done against other women in other times. There is no justice in this, just a new injustice.

The Alt-Right hates the social-justice Leftists, but they tend to think in terms of classes rather than individuals just like the Left does. Like the Left, they want the government to discriminate based on groups--just in a different direction. They think that if working-class whites are suffering economically then the government should take steps such as trade restrictions to help those working-class whites.

To a Conservative, those trade restrictions are just an indirect form of welfare. They raise the prices that Americans pay for goods in order to raise the wages of the working-class whites, effectively taking money from everyone and giving it to a favored class. Conservatives don't want the government taking money from anyone and giving it to anyone else on the basis of class membership. That is an individual injustice to the people who are having money taken from them.

Limited government
Conservatives are pessimistic about human nature and so they are concerned about the government having too much power. Even if the people who control the government are all good guys right now,
sometime in the future they are guaranteed to be bad. And all the power you gave to the good guys now belongs to the bad guys later. Conservatives believe in obeying the law, so they will have to continue to obey those laws when the laws are turned against Conservatives.

By contrast, the Alt-Right, like the Left tends to be optimistic and assume that once they get in power, they will always be in power, or if not in power, at least they will be able to undo and resist the powers that they gave the government when they were in power. So the Alt-Right, like the Left, are more concerned with the government having the power to do what they want done now than with worrying about what the government might do in the future.

A lot of people on the Left are regretting that attitude right now. 

Keeping your own House Clean
Conservatives tend to be much more strongly influenced by ideology than other political groups, and less concerned about strategy and winning. To some extent, this is due to the fact that most Conservatives believe in an omnipotent God who is responsible for outcomes. To a Conservative, a human's job is to do the right thing and let God worry about the outcome. For this reason, Conservatives engage in housecleaning, meaning that they are unwilling to accept political allies who have extremist notions.

For the last fifty or sixty years, the Conservatives have been making sure that right-wing extremists have no visibility or power while the Left has been embracing and supporting left-wing extremists, giving them lots of visibility and power. The middle is determined by the extremes, and so the inevitable result of this discrepancy is that the middle continuously moves to the Left.

The Alt-Right has noted the strategic failure of keeping your own house clean when the other side refuses to reciprocate, and so they reject the principle. This is why the Alt-Right embraces nationalists, people who think that women should not be allowed to vote, people who want to send all immigrants home (even second or third generation immigrants), and people who want homosexuality to be a crime. None of these are universal positions in the Alt-Right (in fact, the alt-right also women who vote, homosexuals, and immigrants, so long as they support the Alt-Right) but the people who promote these extremist positions are all welcome, so long as they counter the extremists on the other side.

So Leftists, when you stop shaking in fear over the election of Donald Trump, congratulate yourselves for a job well-done. The Conservative movement was severely damaged during the Obama administration. You used the IRS to hinder and intimidate Conservatives, you used internet mobs to get Conservatives fired and ruin their businesses, you used your control of the news media to slander and destroy the Tea Party and to protect Democrats caught in crime and corruption.

Now the Conservatives are pretty much gone. Enjoy your new association with the Alt-Right. You should get along because they are a lot like you.