Friday, March 17, 2017

the alt-right and hot African girls

At the risk of flogging a dead horse (start here for the series), I thought I'd explore a bit further in this unfortunate malady that seems to define the racist right--namely, their visceral negative reaction to women who do not look like their mothers and sisters. Instead of the usual Freudian analysis of this psychological illness, I've suggested that their problems are caused by the fact that they have no chance at such women, and the constant rejection turned them resentful and hostile.

But, come on guys, let's consider the nubile Rosette Mogomotsi in some detail.

This young woman, as you can clearly see by her healthy appearance, should be capable of bearing and caring for many fine, strong children. Would you really decline to reproduce with her just because you want your daughters to look like your mother and sisters? Seriously?

No, seriously?

Anyway, here is the poll again:

Worth a bit of miscegenation?

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