Thursday, March 16, 2017

the alt-right and hot Asian girls

The racist right, for all its alleged rationality, is really motivated, more than anything else, by resentment over the fact that lower-class white guys can't get into the pants of hot Asian girls.

I came to this realization when a racist on gab was scolding me for my lack of interest in racial purity. He even said, "You want to impregnate lower life forms? Knock yourself out. "

Clearly, such venom can only come from one place--being spurned by a hot Asian babe. He's like the kid who doesn't get any candy and starts throwing a fit, banging his head on the floor and screaming about how the candy was caramel and he hates caramel anyway. After that, of course, he has to convince himself that he really does hate caramel, which is dumb because, ..., well, let us consider the nubile Jarah Mariano:

Now, I used this somewhat revealing image, not for indelicate reasons but to illustrate how extremely healthy she appears. At the risk of overstating my case, allow me to add some additional evidence in an outdoor setting:

This young woman seems to be an excellent candidate for child-bearing, as well as an extraordinarily good candidate for nursing infants. Judging by her impressive endowment in that area, assuming it is not artificial, she could probably handle quadruplets.

So my question for you men of the racist right is this: Jarah is not white, and therefore procreating with this nubile young woman would make the race less pure, but seriously, if you were single and you had a chance in hell, you would do her, right? I mean, being racist doesn't make you gay, right?

(see the alt-Right and hot Latina girls)

Would you risk your lily-white manhood?

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