Thursday, March 16, 2017

the alt-right and hot Latina girls

(first read about the alt-Right and hot Asian girls)

I've been thinking about how their sexual failures have influenced the alt-Right hatred of non-white women wondering if these failures could also explain their fascination with cuckoldry. The word "cuckservative" was a moderately clever insult when it first came out, but such things normally have a short shelf life. After a few months they tend to die out to be replaced by the newest clever insult. Maybe something to do with dirty diapers or wet kittens.

But this one held on long past the time normal for an insult of such limited cleverness and became so pervasive that calling someone a cuck has practically become the gang hand sign of the new racists. I speculate this is because so many of them share sexual fantasies about cuckolding a more successful white man with a hot Asian wife. Calling someone a cuck expresses their resentment, envy, and sexual frustration all in one small word.

But I'm wondering if I go to far in assuming that it is only Asians who have rejected them. Hot Latinas--as a rule--are willing to put out for less successful men than hot Asians are so theoretically, Latinas are not out of reach for as many alt-Righters as Asians are, but Latinas do tend to involve frustrating language barriers and awkward family interactions. And the new racists tend to be as hostile to the idea of race mixing with Latinas as with Asians.

I feel oddly compelled to explore this tendency in the same way we did with Asians. In such an academic spirit, let us consider a nubile Brazilian fitness model by the name of Lais De Leon (incidentally, "nubile" technically means "of marriageable age"):

Again, I have selected images calculated to display this young woman's suitability as a healthy and active mate and child-bearer. Her hips and thighs appear eminently suitable for bearing children and then carrying them about as infants. And once again, she seems to be more than adequately equipped by nature for nursing infants.

Now, again, I'd like to ask whether this woman does not seem to be a suitable mate despite the fact that she is not white. Would you do her?

(see the alt-right and hot African girls)

Worth a bit of racial impurity?


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